疯清扬方丈 (Professor Nutty Maddo/Abbo Maddo) is one of the characters in the Chinese cartoon series 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo). He is the headmaster of the 果冻武术学院 (Fruity College/Fruity Wushu Academy) and the mentor of 橙留香 (Orangey/Mandarine), 菠萝吹雪 (Pineapplello/Bennero Pineapple/Pinero) and 陆小果 (Apploleo/Applo). He is the leader of the 果宝老特攻 (Old Fruity Robos/Old Fruity Agents). Seemingly shallow, greedy, and at times crazy, he is actually deep and profound and carries with him infinite wisdom. He often floats instead of walking.

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