I dont really know how their subcategory is called, but they were thought evil but they're not evil.Tthe fruits thought that they are and tricked the heroes and their helpers into believing the vegetables being evi,l but they werent. They just looked evil at the last episodes the FAR end it says that the fruits were evil (not the heroes) and the vegetables were good but they fucking looked evil. one is blue and hes a sailor one a swordfighter one a tall guy and he was working for the fruits and another one was a citizen who tried to help an old female fruit for eating an apple but apples are fruits and the characters are fruits eat fruits?well now lets switch to something other one was looking most evil he had headspikes but hes not evil neither he is red the others are just low grade employees they have a thing on their head and theres a green one but he was a traitor for the vegetables he helped the fruits at a point even though he didnt know they were even is confirmed by nutty the coconut that they werent evil and that the village fruits WERE the real evil ones